History Group

The Princethorpe History Group was formed in 2016 to research the history of our village.  The initial interest arose from the realisation that we still had the written archive of the Parish Council from 1894 within the village.  The Group successfully applied for funding to secure the digitisation of the Parish Council’s records from 1894.


The digitised version of this archive is available to read from the link below.  This link takes you to a dropbox folder.  You do not need to have a dropbox account to use this resource and you do not need to sign in to dropbox to access the material.  The link takes you to a screen with two separate folders.  One folder is called ‘group papers’.  Clicking on this folder enables you to access a list of short documents comprising research notes written by members of the History Group on various topics found in the archive.  You can view these on screen or download them.

The second folder contains the digitised archive in five different documents plus a short document explaining what is in each of the five documents.  The short document, ‘Princethorpe Parish Council digitised archive.pdf’ can be read on screen or downloaded.  The other five document comprising the digisited scan of the archive material are all very large files and will probably not open to view on screen, but you will be given the option of downloading them if they fail to open.


The group is pursuing a number of lines of research on issues such as: agricultural work in late nineteenth century, potential for more Princethorpe names to be added to the war memorial, employment patterns in the village, etc.

For further information on the group’s work and if you would like to get involved,  contact michael.luntley@gmail.com


The records are available to view here.